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Classic Style

[cute pic of a kid wearing a hat]

From Jughead to the Dead End Kids, fashion leaders have always appreciated the classic styling of the Palookaville Hat. Whether juggling rubber chickens in a brightly colored felt or juggling business meetings in a dressy black leather, you will always stand out as a true fashion individual.
Don't be shy, we can make more.

Getting a hat is easy.

Send us some money, and we'll send you a hat. Use the handy order form at the end of this page. If your browser does not support forms, download our text form and email it to us at We can even custom make your hat while your check is in the mail, so that it will be ready to ship as soon as your check clears. Could it be that easy? Yes, it's just that easy.

But what kind of hats are available?

[Einstein in a hat]

We only make one kind of hat. We make it out of felt, leather, and that cool Guatemalan fabric, but only one style. Sizes available are:
BIG (24")
Mid-Sized (22")
Not Very Big at All (20")

Have you got a really BIG head? email us and we'll see what we can do.


Prices for the Felt and Guatemalan hats are $20.00 (American) plus $1.50 for shipping in the Continental U.S. (If you live outside the Mainland U.S., email us and we'll quote shipping costs). Leather hats cost $40.00 plus $2.50 for shipping (they don't pack as well as the cloth hats). If you want lots of hats, drop us a note and we'll cut a deal. We accept cash, checks, and money orders. If you send a check, we won't send your order until it clears, if you send cash, we can't be held responsible if it doesn't make it here, if you send a money order, good for you!


Felt - Our most popular. Felt hats are available in a variety of bright color combinations. The cap is made up of 6 pieces, so you can choose up to 6 colors (2 or 3 work best) and the brim can have contrasting inner and outer colors. We have most basic colors, email your request, and we'll let you know if your choices are available. *OR* let us surprise you!

Guatemalan - Our choice only, based on the fabrics we have in stock.

Leather - Brown or Black. Hey, what do you want, it's leather...


Your Name

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For each hat you wish to order, please list the following information:

SIZE = Small Medium Large
TYPE = Felt Guatemalan Leather
CAP (up to 6) =

When we receive your order, we will mail you back your total. Then all you have to do is send us the money. Our clever little hat-making elves will be hard at work crafting the finest quality silly hats to send out as soon as we receive your money.