Weird Kid #01

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The Peanut’s Registry

We finally updated The Peanut’s Baby Registry. Now, admittedly, we are not very good at registries. Those of you who remember how poorly we did with setting up our wedding registry can vouch for this. It isn’t that we don’t want things, or need things – it’s not even that we don’t understand […]

For My Thursday Peeps

Tapioca (def): a usually granular preparation of cassava starch used especially in puddings and as a thickening in liquid food.

Admittedly, I just looked this up – and anyone hanging at the boba shoppe tonight could easily have done the same thing – but having been treated to detailed information on the mechanics of Usenet and […]


Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I know I should have checked my code, but I honestly didn’t know how broken this site is in NS4. HOLY CRAP!

It’s just evidence of how much my life has changed, I suppose. A year and a half ago, I was working on freelance web projects every […]

Mixed (Bless You)

You know how, when you go to the doctor, you hope they find something wrong with you – not because you want something to be wrong with you, but because finding something wrong means that they can (theoretically) do something to make it better?

I’ve been dealing with itchy eyes, congestion, and snoring for quite […]

The Rentals

I had dinner with friends last night (down here in HOTLanta, doncha know!), one of whom was having a birthday. So, we did the birthday dinner and we did the birthday pie (hey, what can I say? The girl prefers pie) and then did the whole present thing. Present #1 was her very […]

Blog Britannia!

I’m not in love with the design or functionality of Meetup, but decided to take part in the Los Angeles portion of the International Blog MEETUP Day tonight in Santa Monica. The regular Thursday Crew was there, along with the host of the L.A. Bloggers website – along with a whole host of […]

Bad to the Bowl

Who would have thought that being bad could feel so good?

I don’t mean being being bad in the living fast, dying young, flaunt your disrespect of authority sort of way – I mean being really really unskilled at something. Of course, I’m talking about bowling.

I think the last time I bowled was probably a […]

Bomba do Samba

Last night was Jillina’s annual birthday bash. For those not privileged to snag an invitation, Jillina throws a birthday party every year where her friends are allowed encouraged commanded to perform for her birthday pleasure. Good food, plenty of beer, and a roster of dancers as long as your arm… that’s what […]