Weird Kid #01

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Practice Practice Practice

Zoe just got a solo for her school orchestra, and it’s already memorized. It isn’t finished, by any means, but I was so proud of her for volunteering to perform it at saturday’s violin workshop – she really is such an amazing kid!

Horseback Riding

Zoe went with Sara to her riding lesson, and got to do all sorts of cool stuff. She even got a turn riding the horse.

Travel is hard.

Absent Friends


Today’s “stuff I might as well wish for since I ain’t buyin it” focus is on Helmets. I really like these two:

HCI Retro 50 $99.95
Nolan N-30 Flashback $169.95

The Nolan really is a nice helmet – I’ve tried it on and actually like the fit. The downside is that it has a bit […]

wishlist: a three hour tour

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Who is with me?

Sidecar Jazz

Good guys. Good Music. Good Gimmick. Great bikes. What’s not to love?

Geek Night

I’ve had several discussions lately about the future of community websites, how to manage group permissions without killing performance, and other geeking stuff that there, and it reminded me how much I miss our weekly geek night – where we all went out and ate japanese curry while discussing cool project ideas and this weeks Torrez excuse for not showing up. Of course, everybody else actually ACTED on their cool project ideas and got bought up by Yahoo or Google or whatever, and I’m still here… curryless and alone. I miss disreputable playboy and gadabout Andy Baio and his socially lubricating ways!

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Father-Daughter Fun

Father-Daughter FunZoë and I spent our day at the beach.


The bottom line, here, is that I’m really not very bright, so I should be able to con myself into thinking that I’m slacking, when in fact I am actually working.
Starting…. NOW.