Weird Kid #01

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The problem with Heather’s How Many Rays in Your Sunshine poll is that she doesn’t allow for enough rays.

Guilty Confession

I’ve hassled him for ages, but the truth is that I really enjoy Jason’s weblog. Don’t tell anyone.

The Utsler Family Community

It’s not pretty, but the Bulletin Board for The Utsler Family Network is back online. Look for a major overhaul on in the near future.

Crisis of Pocketbook

I have to admit that I find the whole hold my purse thing to be pretty silly. Of course, that’s probably because I have protection against girl germs.

Two Two Twain

While discussing movies at the local Drink ‘N Bowl, I mentioned that I thought Murder By Death would be an excellent double feature with Gosford Park, but that I didn’t think it was available on DVD.
I was wrong.

T-Boning a Moose

“well, I‘ll take my chances riding up north & t-boning a moose as opposed to riding in the city and t-boning any one of 5 million dumbass drivers who ya know damn well ain’t lookin out for you”

Emergency Pants

Is it just me, or could the phrase “Another Scare Causes Evacuation at LAX” have more than one meaning?

[OUT OF CONTEXT] forward thinking iconoclasm

“I am about innovation and forward thinking iconoclasm, but I’m not convinced that the time is right for blue french fries.”


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+ Digital Camera
Mirror Images.

The Meaning of Life

Today is Day 42.