Weird Kid #01

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Sassy Girl

Zoë said her first swear word today. It was in spanish…

Absurdist Sesame Street Moment

Occasionally, life knocks on the window of my crazy little fatherhood reverie to remind me that it is out there. Case in point: My wife, daughter, and I were out for a family drive this weekend. We were toodling down the street, all three of us singing along to the Elmo Song as it blasted out from the CD player – “LA LA LALA LA LA LALA ELMO’S SONG..” when in my peripheral* vision I saw movement. A brand new Mercedes that had been parked along the side of the road took that moment to pull out into traffic… and our car.

Monkeytoes in the Mirror

Zoe’s second Mirror Project shot, entitled Tadaaa, went up today.

A Stitch in Time

My very first legitimate published article—Litigation Support: A Stitch in Time— appears in this month’s Law Technology News. It’s a far cry from the stuff I generally do on this site, but I’m proud of it anyhow.

New Design

I finally redesigned. For those of you who think this is a bit too understated, I apologize. This was a useability redesign (to fix problems with Netscape), as well as a CSS Layout experiment. I did keep the garish yellow, so that’s … good …

Waxy at One

Happy Anniversary to Andy “” Baio! Our little breakdancer is growing up. *snif*

The More Things Change

Before the weblog, there was a log. Too many years ago, at a job too crappy to believe, I met some very funny people. One of them sought me out while I was in Chicago last week.

If I didn’t laugh…

…I’d probably cry.

Oversaturated by the constant CNN feed, I’ve turned to The Daily Show for my evening news update. Lisa Rein linked their recent take on the Haliburton Contract, which I found to be quite lucid. John Stewart echoed my own feelings on the subject when he said "I feel like the […]

Reflected Love

Just because I’m not out there kickin’ it bloggy style every day, doesn’t mean I’m gone. Zoe and I stopped by The Mirror Project to share some love.

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