Weird Kid #01

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Blo-Pop Baby

She worries that people take her too seriously.

Freakish Fruit

Did you ever wonder where Dr. Seuss got his inspiration?

Impressions of my Wife

As the light from Times Square illuminates her beautiful face, I can almost hear the angels sing
“Fame! I’m gonna live forever…”

The Puppet is Cursed

I thought the man at the puppet shop was lying about the whole cursed thing…


The secret society of Masons


They say the Shriners secretly control the World Clown Supply…

Trash Potpourri

In spite of everything…

Darnation Alley

If we had a really cutesy nuclear war, the only things that would survive would be the ladybugs.

Grill Man

I am man, watch me grill!

Boxing Day

It’s a good thing I don’t have a home tattooing kit…