Weird Kid #01

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Captain Fantastic

Zoe is Captain Fantastic

Memorial Day

… and then sometimes, you remember that it is more than just the day the pool opens for the summer.

Our Favorite Pastime

We have a variety of interests, but only one obsession.

Other Tiny Flowers

There is beauty outside, too.


People have accused me of only showing the sweet side of my daughter. She can get an attitude if she wants to.

Three Faces of Zoe

Flying Zed

Zoe in Space

Model Mother

Stacey is a Model Mother


The phrase “I took this picture because it reminded me of you” is starting to become worrisome. This picture of a giant ‘moonman statue’ nutcracker was taken by my co-worker, Terry, at the LA Auto Show.

Potty Palooza

Mom, Dad, and Stacey went to see the Rose Parade Floats, and they took this picture to prove they were thinking of me.