Weird Kid #01

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Reflections on The Musical Instrument Museum


It's true.


Uncle Russ

I think this one is Popeye, but he could just be imitating one of his brothers…

From Here to There

Reflections on a Metaphor

My trip to Iowa – and in fact my entire month – seems to have been focused on transitions. Somehow, that focus seemed better embodied by the reflection than the bridges themselves.

I don’t even have the energy…

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Chair Apparent

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March to Keep Fear Alive

Drew vs Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Drew vs Tenderloin

My brother Drew, eating a pork tenderloin at the Peru (PEE-ru) Bar and Grill. My dad says that *this* is what I should be selling out of a truck. I don’t know that I’d like to try deep frying 500 tenderloins a day, but they are DEFINITELY good.

Requiem for an Angel

Anne at 95

Anne Utsler touched countless people in her 98 years – and will be missed by everyone who knew her. She moved on tonight, surrounded by the love and laughter of her family. I’ll miss you, Grandma. We should all live our lives as fully and joyfully as you.

Happy Halloween!

Colfax halloween Parade


Great Good Friends

Brenda and Peter’s Wedding