Weird Kid #01

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Take it to MetaMeta

Vitriol vitriol nonsequitor vitriol stupid joke vitriol LOVE FOR UNCLE JOE.

Mo’ Babies, Mo Betta

We’ve always been trendsetters. You may not realize it, but we blazed the way for everything from snarky weblog meta-commentary to CafePress microbranding. Now we’re leading a new charge – into parenthood. Anybody who doesn’t want to get pregnant better get out of the pool. The Baby Mojo is flowin’.

Quoteable Shame

A terrible admission.


What we like most about this perfect little Metafilter Microcosm is seeing Anil accused of being elitist. That, and the realization that Pesty has a Posse.

Blog or Not

Like many of you, we wanted to know – Is Our Blog HOT or NOT? We suspect that we know the answer, because the hot blogs always take us along to the nightclub to make them look better… so far, it doesn’t look good:

Just a Hint

Recently we were asked about the bad feelings toward Blogger that seems to be floating around. A few comments about the recent Pyra Job Posting may lend some insight.


We have always said that nothing kills a joke faster than having to explain it. We were suprised to discover, however, that watching someone else explain their own joke actually makes it funnier. We’re sick like that.

IM Singing

Tenacious A and A-Dash kick it Broadway style.


We don’t know if blogChalking‘s plan to collaboratively map weblogs will actually result in smarter blogsearching, but we certainly applaud the effort. The idea is to create uniform metatag keyword information, along with a blogchalk graphic and a weblog entry that looks something like:

Google! Daypop! my blogchalk: English, United States, Los Angeles, Valley Village, […]

Phoenix From the Ashes

Neale’s got a brand new bag:
METAPOP is a blog designed to comment on daily top 40 offerings from Daypop – which catalogs the most popular links from the Living Web.

We’d like to comment on the term “living web.”