Weird Kid #01

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Andy Baio investigates weblogger bias in war reporting, proving that weblogs are as legitimate as any mainstream media source.

Live Birth

We love our internet friends, but we had our hands full during the delivery. Others, it seems, are a bit more handy with the multitasking…

Black Fly and Diapers

Instead of links to flash animations about circus freaks, we’re now being given links like Irony Central, a website written by a daddy about… being a daddy. Our world has truly changed.

N3KK1D /\-L1573RZ


We don’t know if the What a Cute site is a intentionally wacky (as the different writing style on the NAKED A-LIST page would suggest) or not, but we are loving it.

Barter Town

We had heard an ugly rumor from someone else had snuck out and developed

Pantsless in 2003

Misterpants may not be updating his site this year, but we’ll continue refreshing his “I’m not updating this site” page, just to read all of his wacky excuses. We hope that this means he’ll have more time to eat curry with the locals.


His irreverant use of food as headwear kept us entertained while providing an endless source of comic spinoffs. “Cute Bunny with Pancake” may well have been our favorite meme from last year.
RIP, Oolong the Pancake Bunny.

Christmas Confidential

One of the things that brings us joy at Christmas is the Hoopla Advent Calendar, created by Leslie Harpold. Over at The Morning News, Leslie tells all in her ode to Christmas Joy – Sympathy for the Devilled Eggs. As a bonus, she shares our favorite Leslie picture, ever!

Emoticological Anniversary

Happy Birthday :-)
Although we sometimes curse it’s existence, we’d like to join in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the “Smiley.”

Hack or Hilarity?

We hear there is an XMLerizing virus going around. Is it a hack? An Insider joke? Post-Modern Desconstructivist Commentary on the Depersonalized Nature of RSS Aggregators? We may not know much about web crit, but we know what we like.