Weird Kid #01

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We are the first to admit that we’ve completely fallen down on our blogging duties, due to our singleminded fascination with fatherhood. It is shameful, therefore, that we had to discover the Daddy Types weblog via an article linked from Jason Kottke’s website. With an ever growing circle of geeky-parent friends, we vow […]

Gephardt Beats Edwards

A guy I know on a mailing list posted a link to a screencap of a fox news commentator holding a copy of the New York Post with the article saying that Kerry Picked Gephardt as his running mate. This is why the internet rules!

Jetpack or Stereo?

Kenwood has a cool retro-future animation on their site, using the unfulfilled promise of jet packs to tout their FUTUREREADYALREADY campaign. Of course, they don’t identify the actual Kenwood product in the ad, but it … uh… looks cool. I’d still rather have the jet pack…

Googling Outside the Box

We don’t post much these days, but a story about Lawrence Lessig using Google to find a creative solution to a problem reminded us why we started doing this in the first place.

Elevator Pitch + Tiki = LOVE

The Tiki Room! is sort of Jurassic Park and The Birds meets Norma Rae.

An elevator pitch and tiki references? Man, if she were the co-creator of one of our favorite web apps, we’d be totally in love.

…Oh Wait!

And the Winner Is…

The Webbie Award We Wish They Had Award for the Best Review of a Product or Service that We Love goes to
Jason Kottke – New sidebar links.
Accepting the award for Jason Kottke is his copy of Moveable Type.

I Drank the Kool-Aid

It was all worth it when I saw the message in my inbox: leslie is now your friend!

Star Wars Kid – Reloaded

While we laughed with love, we’re also glad to give a little back – by joining the Buy the Star Wars Kid an iPod effort.


A post by someone who saw a panel discussing people who discuss the pros and cons of other people fighting in a war. War is ugly, but this is just beautiful.

The Industry

The “WeblogIndustry” seems to be entering a new golden age. First the Blogger/Google news, and now MoveableType (our current fave!) has gone bigtime. The best part of the MT News (from our perspective) is the fact that Anil Dash is the new VP of Business Development. Go Anil!