Weird Kid #01

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I’m not against the Brag About Your Bag campaign – I actually think it is an excellent idea. I just think that you need to consider your names very carefully if you want to be taken seriously (and avoid being mocked). Other ill fated campaigns might include:

Talk Smack About Your Sack
Tell ’em Where To […]

Flickr is a Cruel Mistress

I bet LOTS of people count Jason and Andy as favorites!


Ok, so M3 has been out of commission for ages, but if you think we’re going to pass up Anil’s Flickr Meta-Moblogging of Fickr’s Clay Shirky – father of the folksonomic flickr phenom “So Meta It Hurts” , you are nuts!

Clearly, Anil is pandering to our tastes.

Parent Hacks

Curio Strip shares this classic entry from the O’Reilly “Hacks” series. We won’t be giving it to the peanut as a Hanukkah gift… via boingboing

Media Eats Self

We love the media coverage of Jon Stewart’s follow up to Crossfire’s response to Jon Stewart’s endightment of the media. We just wish Bob “Douchebag for Freedom” Novak had featured more prominently in the story.


We love the fact that we found out about the JustBlogIt
weblogging extension for Firefox by using the RSS reader extension to read the weblog feed for the company that makes the weblog software we use to blog about things we read in weblog feeds.

Bob Novak

We have noticed that many of you across the blogosphere have picked up on Jon Stewart’s “Bob Novak, Douchebag for Freedom” (over 100 google hits) and “Bob Novak, Douchebag for Liberty” (nearly 400 google hits) memes. We certainly applaud this trend, but we don’t feel it goes nearly far enough. Jon and his writers should issue a daily Fox News style “Talking Points” memo, only funny instead of evil.


Our blogosphere has shifted somewhat in the last year and a half, and as a consequence, we don’t get so much meta these days. We are thrilled, however, to have Daddy Types on the ground in Japan, finding nuggets* of web-joy for us to read. We especially enjoyed the Taking Your NonAsian Baby to Japan
phrasebook. We intend to get some mileage out of the SARS phrase. Thanks, Daddy Types!

Two Great Tastes

You got your online community leader in my cable news comedy political satire!
Ed appears courtesty of Jessamyn via Matt

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

< a href="" target="meta-meta-content">Kottke ‘remaindered’ link to a Kottke post about places that Kottke eats for cheap. KOTTKE KOTTKE KOTTKE!