Weird Kid #01

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Joe Solomon

January 31, 2003 – We’ll miss you, Grandpa Potch.

Lovecat Island

Free Domain Names?

Tokelau an island nation 500 miles north of Western Samoa accessible only via a 42 hour boat ride, is giving away .tk domains for free.


Tokelau’s culture centers on a system for dividing goods, called Inati, where all the goods are divided equally amongst the people, so everyone has the same […]

Grey is Back!

Like many people, I found him through his work.
I was drawn in through his art.
I was moved by his story.
Like many people, I missed him when he was away, and hoped that he was finding the peace that he needed.

It was odd, seeing him linked on daypop, that name from the past. […]

A Mini Crush

Have you seen the marketing for the new Mini Cooper?

“How is motoring different from driving? Physically, they’re the same process. You apply gas, let off the clutch, and steer by turning the wheel. The difference is in the mind of the operator. Just because you drive, doesn’t mean you motor. […]