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The Haughey Perspective

I’m thrilled about Matt’s impending bundle of joy – both from the perspective of … you know, more bundles of joy and the ensuing Haughey Happiness therein, and also from the standpoint that Matt will begin passing along nuggets of wisdom, like this (slightly crude) one:

Oh George (mp3)

Yes, it’s silly. No, it doesn’t address the most serious issues of this presidency. Yes, I like it anyway. Listen to Oh George, and decide for yourself!


Mazel Tov to Dylan and Jan for finally finalizing the adoption of their young son, Dane. I was fortunate to meet Dane earlier this year, and he’s adorable. He and his parents are very lucky to have found each other. Of course, Dylan and Jan have been parents – excellent ones – for quite some time now, but hurrah for finally taking away the nonzero possibility that the system would fail and they would not get custody.

Hip : Square :: Unhip : Parent

Today’s LoveCat shoutout goes to Being Daddy’s Square: The Unhip Parent’s Manifesto – a funny (and accurate) smackdown of hipster parent-wannabes.

Happy Birthday Gracyn Elizabeth!

Dan, the host of the Red Cricket community, has announced the
birth of his daughter, Gracyn Elizabeth. Gracyn was born at 12:14am this morning. She’s a little early, but mother, father, and baby are all doing fine. Congratulations Dan! Enjoy this time, it’s rare and wonderful.


Jeffrey and Carrie got married over the weekend. Hurrah! I’m a big fan of happy, and this seems to be a happy happy occasion. The post was written by “Carrie and Jeffrey

DI (wh)Y

I was part of the initial Changing Rooms fanbase. Eventually, however, I became somewhat disenchanted. It was all smoke and mirrors (well, mdf and staples) – and it wasn’t meant to last. What is the fun of a radical change if you can just jam it all into a garbage bag and have your old house back? Welcome to Monster House.

Romantic Vision

While it is true that I am an odd bird in some ways, I am very typical in others. Like many of you, I have fantasies of escaping the modern world to a remote tropical island. Also, like many of you – I will probably never do it.

Open Source Haggadah

Douglas Rushkoff (CYBERIA, MEDIA VIRUS) has created a very cool site to allow people as a community, to contribute to a great community passover haggadah. Given the ever-evolving prayerbook and haggadah for B’nai Horin, I find this quite fascinating. Actually, I find his whole Open Source Software approach to religion geekily intriguing.

This is […]

Chocolate Milk Bubbles

It’s sunny and 68 here in the Great State of Southern California, but for those of you digging out from one of the worst snow storms in decades, I present


courtesy of Todd Levin’s Tremble 2000 mailing list*.

What you’ll need: glass, chocolate milk maker, milk, straw, warm heart, stirrer (spoon?)

1 – Make a TALL […]