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It's true.

Zoe’s Solo | Colfax 1st Grade Violin Recital

Absent Friends

An Entirely Other Day Reboots

Greg Knauss, a person I consider to be a friend and (as it turns out) something of a soulmate, has restarted the funny and insightful An Entirely Other Day. Uncle Joe says “Check it out!”

Yay! Printing!

Flickr has printing! Flickr has printing!! Yay! Printing!

Hello Jared!

Congratulations to Paul and Michelle on the birth of Jared, at 5:08am this morning. It sounds like everyone is doing well, although I would imagine they’re all pretty tired. Hello Jared! Get used to the camera, it’s here to stay.

The Haughey Legacy Continues

A big loving welcome to Fiona, who arrived at 8:35 this morning. She couldn’t have asked for better parents. Congratulations, Matt and Kay!

Renovate My Landmark!

I feel a little bad, because the person who forwarded the link wants his own landmark refurbished, but how often do you get the chance to help out your home town? Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program is going to renovate either the Hogback Covered Bridge outside of Winterset, or some crappy drive-in in Tulsa. I know, the book was sappy and the movie was worse – but C’mon People! Do it for the love of small town Iowa! Do it for your country! DO IT FOR YOUR CRAZY UNCLE!


I didn’t feel like it was my place to make the announcement, but not that it’s official I want to congratulate my good friends Paul and Michelle who are having a BABY! A boy, to be specific. Since Paul is a co-worker, that gives me plenty of opportunities to bore him with offer my insight into the whole parenting thing. I’m sure they’ll do great, in spite of my help. Rumors that Paul and Michelle are planning to sell naming rights on Ebay seem to be entirely false.

UPDATE: I obviously had them confused with another geeky couple.

UPDATE UPDATE: Lies! Will noone sell out their child’s future for a cheap PR Stunt???


It’s funny, the things you worry about when you have a child. Sure, you worry about money, and sleep, and the wisdom of bringing a child into this crazy world – but there are other things. As readers of this site (both of you) know, I’m a lucky guy. I met the love of my life when I was very young, and in a moment of clarity – I realized it. When we decided to have a baby, I worried that I couldn’t possibly love anyone else as much as I loved her. I mean, if you love your wife more than anything – how is there room for a child? Somebody is going to get shortchanged, right?