We had a party for Zoe’s 7th birthday, yesterday. It was crazy, last minute (I wish she’d give us more warning when she’s going to have a birthday!!!), and lots of fun. The plan was “a small and simple party with a dog theme” but in the end there were still at least 25 kids – most of whom managed to get dog face painting from Stacey before the day was over. I think the POOPER SCOOPER game was probably the most popular – although Zoe came up with a “Fetch” game that she got the entire party playing – that was pretty awesome.

We’ve reached the age where we can no longer invite all of Zoe’s friends, and that was a little sad – because it meant people who have been at her parties for years weren’t there – but we gave her control of the list, and she focused primarily on friends she hangs out with now. If you weren’t there – chances are you were missed. If you were – I promise we were glad. The pictures will all end up on Flickr.

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