The Tale of Peter Churchmouse

come home

Peter Churchmouse was a gift, freely given. Zoë makes friends like her mother, and had become very close to the owner of a small shop specializing in Trinkets & Treasures. Peter was a simple field mouse finger puppet, but really quite loveable – and Zoë did love him. She carried him everywhere… until one day, Peter was gone.

sign hereMice are good at slipping through the cracks, and even though we searched all over – Peter was nowhere to be found. Zoë was honestly upset. Much more upset than one would expect for a finger puppet. She put up signs, appealing for Peter to come home.

reunitedSometimes, fate intervenes. Peter reappeared, none the worse for wear. He must have had a relaxing trip, because he seemed like an entirely new mouse. Zoë didn’t care where he had gone, or how he came to reappear in the hidden pocket of her “crying pillow” – all she cared about was that he was home. Who knows, maybe some day a brother will turn up… maybe even a twin.

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