links for 2009-09-04

  • Whether you are a perfume "aficionado" looking for a way to learn about the ingredients used in perfume with our Perfumery Notes Kit or a beginning perfumer looking to get started blending (see our Beginners Perfumery Set below),we have kits that are right for you!
  • On the job or in the field, you’ll always be Xtremely prepared with this 10-in-1 pocket multi tool for quick repairs and adjustments. It's a multi-purpose tool with big usefulness, yet small enough size to fit easily in your pocket. Includes a fold-out mini torx screwdriver, hex key wrench, extention bar, multi-wrench with sockets (6mm, 8mm and 10mm), mini and regular Flathead screwdriver, mini and regular Phillips screwdriver, and LED flashlight. 10 of your most used tools, all in one compact stainless steel Xtreme Tool Kit.
  • Who needs a tape measure? Just slap down a few rolls’ worth of Red Tape adhesive measuring tape on every surface in your shop and you won’t have to search for where you put the damn tape measure anymore.

    With red imprinting on transparent tape, Red Tape has both left- and right-reading scales graduated in increments of 1/16″. The scale repeats every foot, so if you cut the tape somewhere in the middle of the scale the most you’ll lose is one foot. The adhesive adheres well, but can be easily removed with no residue.

  • Artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has come up with an interesting way to prevent toilet paper cardboard cores from wallowing away in the darkest depths of landfills everywhere. If only I had some toilet paper rolls to experiment with…

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