Weird Kid #01

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Zen and the Art of 'I Need a Mechanic!'

As much as I aspire to an aesthetic free from the constraint of possessions, I still seem to have a lot of stuff. Worse, I seem to continue along with this mindset that it is clearly the stuff I have that is trapping me, while that OTHER stuff over there is going to set me free. It’s Cash for Clunkers – only with karma. I dunno. I have this vision of myself with a wireless card and a bedroll, taking web meetings from scenic vistas while I travel the world on my awesome motorcycle.

Except, I think that there is a little ego in that image.

… and I defintely need better coverage with my phone.

… and lets face it, this bike currently stalls out above 30MPH and I’ve never successfully ridden it more than about 5 miles in a stretch.

There may be a bit more “Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” than “Zen” in the current dream, but I’m working on it.

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