aka ~stevenf: Massively Multiplayer Online Personal Productivity Tool

Of course, the problem is, I’m not a gamer, either. Still, The idea of marrying geek obsession with real-world need is incredibly appealing. Maybe if I could skin my Outlook to resemble Moveable Type (actually, I should just skin my blog to look like Outlook, and reverse engineer my brain…), I’d be better at calendaring and other CRM’my aspects of my job. Today I’m doing a bit of Social Networking – that is, I’m calling clients to touch base and ensure that they’re doing well. There is no reason that I shouldn’t actually LOOK FORWARD to that job, right? I mean, I’m blogging about it in the database, and that’s at least as interesting as blogging about what I had for breakfast (GR 4x NF Latte) or my plans for the evening (Storage Unit!).

The bottom line, here, is that I’m really not very bright, so I should be able to con myself into thinking that I’m slacking, when in fact I am actually working.

Starting…. NOW.