Renovate My Landmark!

I feel a little bad, because the person who forwarded the link wants his own landmark refurbished, but how often do you get the chance to help out your home town? Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program is going to renovate either the Hogback Covered Bridge outside of Winterset, or some crappy drive-in in Tulsa. I know, the book was sappy and the movie was worse – but C’mon People! Do it for the love of small town Iowa! Do it for your country! DO IT FOR YOUR CRAZY UNCLE!

Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark program wins SMITHSONIAN Magazine/ Travelers Conservation Foundation(TCF) Sustainable Tourism Award! With this award, Hampton receives a cash prize of $20,000, which will be put towards the refurbishing of a future landmark. Vote here for the landmark Hampton should refurbish. Vote only once per day!