Hip : Square :: Unhip : Parent

While my Firefox-resident RSS reader has allowed me to catch up on my blogs again, it is clear evidence of my current state of mind that the first blogs I read are not the Old Sk00l bloggers (tho I do still read them), but rather the Baby Blogs. I read a number of them, but admittedly, I have a preference for the Daddy Blogs, because a geeky passion about child rearing is really what I’m all about these days. It’s like a whole microblogocosm. There are Daddy Blogs that combines the gee-whiz of my favorite gadget blogs, the baby flavored meme-aggregation of my favorite meta blogs, and those that represent the delicious intersection of pithy comment and comic rant for which this site used to strive. I have found political commentary, social conflict, and a healthy dose of self-blogging, without leaving the Pampers-Blogging Set. It’s good to know that when I get tired of being fired up about the current election process, I can switch over and get fired up about the hate-on getting thrown down by a small, angry subset of the Child Free Movement.

Today’s LoveCat shoutout goes to Being Daddy’s Square: The Unhip Parent’s Manifesto – a funny (and accurate) smackdown of hipster parent-wannabes. I may not have Brian’s “former hipster” cred, but his observations on what we do, and why we do it ring very true. For example, I feel good about the fact that we choose not to let her watch Barney because he will drive us stark raving loco, and not just because he’s uncool. In my own defense, she only wears the Anarchy T because she’s such a big fan of the Sex Pistols.

Besides, manifestos are very hip.