Our blogosphere has shifted somewhat in the last year and a half, and as a consequence, we don’t get so much meta these days. We are thrilled, however, to have Daddy Types on the ground in Japan, finding nuggets* of web-joy for us to read. We especially enjoyed the Taking Your NonAsian Baby to Japan
phrasebook. We intend to get some mileage out of the SARS phrase. Thanks, Daddy Types!

* The nuggets** post doesn’t meet even the less stringent M3 rules, but we don’t have a “cool tech” section.

** The following is an IM exchange in reference to the nuggets post:

TC: btw – the mucus sucking device is disturbing…
crazyunclejoe: Indeed. I wonder, if you can just get it started and then gravity feed the boogers out
TC: there’s always that inevitable on-rush of liquid when you try to do that
crazyunclejoe: also, if you were evil, and at the daycare center, could you get it started, then stick the other hose into another baby’s nose…?
TC: i was thinking of feeding the other end into a cup of boba
crazyunclejoe: HAH This may be how Boba was invented
TC: i’ll have the duet mucus boba
crazyunclejoe: that’s what I always get… either that or the mucus and grass jelly shave ice
TC: (i just threw up a little in my latte)
crazyunclejoe: *snort*
crazyunclejoe: I mean… *suck* *suck* *blort*