Black, White, and Grey

There are a lot of grey areas when it comes to parenting. Places where, even though I make one choice and you make another, neither of us is necessarily wrong. I would be very slow to say “you are a bad parent” to anyone. This week, however, has been full of discussions about books that I would certainly qualify as Bad Parenting™ — Lisa Whelchel’s Creative Correction for example, or Gary Ezzo’s BabyWise series. Today’s entry is actually an article, illustrating the point that “Sharing a crack pipe with your 5-year-old is no way to bond.”

I have two observations:
1) WTF is wrong with people?
2) We may not be perfect parents, but we could be much, much worse.
Also, WTF is WRONG with people???

The Crack link is via Waxy and Daddy Types, the Lisa Whelchel link is via multiple sources, including 100 wild-eyed unfair and unbalanced monkeys typing.