The Best Time

The best part of my day is when I get home in the evening.

I love quiet Saturday afternoons, evening strolls, and storytime. I love stolen moments with my wife while our baby is napping. My life is full of wonderful moments. That being said, the best time of my day, hands down, is when I get home from work in the evening. Stacey and Zoe are usually napping or sharing a quiet moment after a meal. Either way, when my baby girl sees that I’m home, she always gives me the biggest, heart-burstingest, most genuinely loving smile ever. No matter how stressful my day is up to that moment, she makes it all better.

I realize I’m a big sap when I talk about it, but it’s that moment in my day that I know my life has been worth something. If she is the only enduring contribution that I make to the world, I know that I’ve still made a difference. When she smiles at me, I know that there is hope.

Years from now, Zoe will probably unearth these horribly sappy musings, and use them to bribe me. I hope she realizes that loving someone sometimes means saying “No, you can’t get a tattoo” even when it seems like everone else is getting one.

Sorry, Sugar Bear.