Open Source Haggadah

Douglas Rushkoff (CYBERIA, MEDIA VIRUS) has created a very cool site to allow people as a community, to contribute to a great community passover haggadah. Given the ever-evolving prayerbook and haggadah for B’nai Horin, I find this quite fascinating. Actually, I find his whole Open Source Software approach to religion geekily intriguing.

This is part of a larger Open Source Judaism project, which in turn is based upon Rushkoff’s book Nothing Sacred. I’m sorry that I didn’t hear about it sooner (Damn that BoingBoing and their delayed filtering!) – Rushkoff just finished several speaking engagements in LA, including one just up the street from my house. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and read his book…
Actually, given my current time constraints, I’d appreciate it if someone could read it to me while I work.