Was That A Cannon I Heard?

If you had asked me a few years ago, I’d have told you that this particular piece of the American Dream was beyond my reach.

Big life-changing moments are often only big in retrospect. A little over a week ago, we sat down to fill out what I thought were the penultimate escrow papers for our condo. Imagine my suprise when I called the agent today, only to discover that we have been homeowners for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!

I’m frankly not sure how to react. I mean I’m thrilled, but I guess I thought there would be a moment – you know, with everyone in a room and a big Monte Blanc pen and some sort of homeowner gnome with an instruction book and a phone list or something… but nothing. There was no champagne, fruit basket, no threshold carrying (probably for the best, considering my betrothed is also rich with child at the moment), no sky parting with C.B. Demillesque thunderclaps… nothing. You’d think this sort of thing happened every day.