The Peanut’s Registry

We finally updated The Peanut’s Baby Registry. Now, admittedly, we are not very good at registries. Those of you who remember how poorly we did with setting up our wedding registry can vouch for this. It isn’t that we don’t want things, or need things – it’s not even that we don’t understand that registries are a service to people who are planning to buy something, and want some guidance. We understand all that, but somehow, the actual process of LISTING items that we would like people to buy for us is a little harder.

littlepeanut.gifYesterday, we bit the bullet. We had a list of things that we’d already gotten, a list of things that the “experts” say you should have for a new baby, and a Babies-R-Us scanner gun. Dutifully, we started down the list. “Lets see, the book says we should have four to six daily use bibs, and we have… two. I’ll just add two more — OHH! Look! It’s a PEANUT bib!” Within minutes, a chore had transformed into a free-for-all.

We spent about two hours, running up and down the aisles, scanning adorable outfits (Miniwear and Koala Kids both have such amazingly cute stuff!) and assorted baby gear. We found our stroller, high chair, and a bunch of stuff that we hadn’t even thought of. I think there must be some sort of subliminal messages being piped in along with the music, because I had an almost overwhelming urge to give them all of my money. I mean, that’s the only explaination, right? There’s no other reason that I’d consider buying a dress that the peanut wouldn’t be able to wear until she was 18 months old… and a she. We escaped relatively unscathed, but I can see that I’ll have to empty my wallet before going back.