Sorry Charlie

dolemite.jpg It seemed like a great idea. Create a DVD lending pool to take advantage of the office resources. I figured, between the three of us, we’d have plenty of crossover interest without too much crossover inventory. I keep forgetting that my tastes are a little… eclectic.

It’s not that I don’t like the sort of movies that they like – it’s that they don’t necessarily like the movies that I buy. Sure, we all like The Matrix and Lord of the Rings, but we all have The Matrix and Lord of the Rings… I tried to bring in some movies that I thought would be a little more unusual, and I think I may have overdone it.

Now, I can understand that Shaolin Dolemite has a somewhat narrow audience… but the rest (save Apollo 13, which was a gift) are cult faves – guilty pleasures, perhaps, but fun and enjoyable nonetheless. Slapshot? Come on! The Warriors? Sheer Fun! Rollerball? uh… Buckaroo Banzai? Great!

The truth is, my video collection is very similar to my music collection. I guess I figure that the mainstream stuff is always playing, but where can you go for a good disco kung-fu blaxploitation epic?

That’s what I thought.