The Rentals

I had dinner with friends last night (down here in HOTLanta, doncha know!), one of whom was having a birthday. So, we did the birthday dinner and we did the birthday pie (hey, what can I say? The girl prefers pie) and then did the whole present thing. Present #1 was her very first DVD player. Now, you can’t have a new DVD player without talking about the movies with the best special features, the best ones to own, and of course… Netflix.

Now, I love Netflix almost as much as I love my Tivo. And one of the things I love, is that it is a great excuse to see old favorites and not just the new releases. The thinking being, that if you are at the video store, you are obliged to try to grab from the new releases pile, to get the most out of your movie buck – but since Netflix is a straight monthly fee, it’s cool to indulge yourself.

So, tonight, I’m still thinking about Netflix – and … I don’t know, maybe it was the people I was with, or maybe it was just the heat – but if I were going to suggest a video rental tonight, it would definitely be 9 1/2 Weeks.

Make of that what you will.