Grey is Back!

Like many people, I found him through his work.
I was drawn in through his art.
I was moved by his story.
Like many people, I missed him when he was away, and hoped that he was finding the peace that he needed.

It was odd, seeing him linked on daypop, that name from the past. In fact, I have to admit a certain amount of fear when I saw it. Summer Monday Morningss are not the right time for bad news. Thankfully, the news was good. He was writing again. He seemed to have found that elusive happiness that a thousand weblog wellwishers had wished for him. Through the storm, he had found a safe harbor.

Welcome back, Noah.

Noah, for those of you who don’t know, does amazing things with digital photography. His black and white work reminds me of the silver photographs that you see in print galleries. I’d like to think that if I had a camera as nice as his, I could do something similar – but it’s not the camera.

It seems likely that the things which troubled Noah must have also forged his artistic heart, but however he got there, his photos are about much more than technique or tools – they are about art. Now that he is living in my area, I will keep my fingers crossed for a gallery show.