Blog Britannia!

Jonah and CUJoe in a quiet moment, considering the LA.Blog.Meetup Gathering

I’m not in love with the design or functionality of Meetup, but decided to take part in the Los Angeles portion of the International Blog MEETUP Day tonight in Santa Monica. The regular Thursday Crew was there, along with the host of the L.A. Bloggers website – along with a whole host of people I don’t know. Apparently I need to hook up with the L.A. crowd, because I’m completely out of the loop.

I had a number of good conversations, and was inspired to add a section to the site – METACUKE – A weblog about people who write about cucumbers… I think it’ll be a real hit. I’d go more into detail, but I have a plane to catch in a few hours… More L.A. Stories to come, I promise!