Bomba do Samba

Bomba Do Samba

Last night was Jillina’s annual birthday bash. For those not privileged to snag an invitation, Jillina throws a birthday party every year where her friends are allowed encouraged commanded to perform for her birthday pleasure. Good food, plenty of beer, and a roster of dancers as long as your arm… that’s what I call a party. This year, Stacey got hooked into MC duty – confirming that when she retires from dancing, she will be able to go straight into standup comedy. She was hilarious. I wish I could take credit for her mad comedy skilz, but honestly that’s just part of the total Stacey Package. (If you’re new to the site you may not be aware of this, but I’m a very lucky man.) The rule of burlesque was always beautiful women and comedy – but seldom in the same package.

The whole night was amazing. There were bellydancers and brazillian dancers and russian tearoom dancers (you have to see it to appreciate it) and a tootsie roll breakdown and singing and and and… woo!

Closing the night was Irani, the Samba Bomb you see in the picture to the left. In a night full of beautiful talented dancers, Irani brought the house down. Sure, part of it was the outfit – lord knows I understand the rational behind a brazillian wax now – but she really is a wonderful brazillian dancer. She’s also a really sweet girl who is good friends with my wife. Irani is much beloved in our house, and we hope she is very successful. Irani dances with Sahlala and lots of other dance stuff around town.