A Mini Crush

Have you seen the marketing for the new Mini Cooper?

“How is motoring different from driving? Physically, they’re the same process. You apply gas, let off the clutch, and steer by turning the wheel. The difference is in the mind of the operator. Just because you drive, doesn’t mean you motor. When you drive, you go from A to B. when you motor, you go from A to Z. It’s all about living. Nobody can tell you when you’re motoring. You just know.”

I love it. I know it’s advertising, and that they are selling a product by selling a lifestyle idea, but I don’t care. I want to Motor. I know the Mini is a tiny little car, and that for the same money I could a more practical vehicle, but the lifestyle is so appealing! I could paint a racing stripe down the middle of my mini and motor across the country – having adventures and living a colorful and fulfilling life. Who wouldn’t want that?

More than just wanting the Mini, I want to be able to offer what the Mini is offering. There is a committment there – a love. It’s what would happen if Saturn and Macintosh had a Love(cat) Child. See, here’s the thing: In order for the mini sales pitch to work, it has to be a part of the corporate culture. I believe that the people at my local san antonio flea market believe what they say:

“It’s all about attitude. In a positive way to make a statement about yourself. About what you believe in. You will find us a staunch advocate of everything MINI. MINI is timeless, MINI is boundless, MINI sets new standards. When you are behind the wheel of a MINI, you feel you can go out to make the world a better place. In the heart of Hollywood we have the perfect setting for you to preview, test drive and take home a MINI for a lasting motoring relationship.”

This is what I aspire to. I am in the fortunate position of being passionate about what I do, both in my personal life and my business. I want to express that passion in a way that is infectious. I don’t expect everyone be passionate about the same things I am passionate about, but I’d love it if everyone around me was passionate about something.

This is my call to action: If there is something – some idea or some product or some person that you are passionate about – share it. Try to show other people in a way that makes them passionate, too. Share it with me. I want to be empassioned, I really do!