Weird Kid #01

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A Few Details

UTSLER.COM is the home of [[Crazy] Uncle] Joe [Utsler|Hannibal]. It is a direct decendant of Joe’s personal homepage, which was originally created in 1994. Joe uses the site as the primary vector for his particular brand of offbeat humor, a task which was accomplished through a variety of theatrical ventures during Joe’s previous incarnation as a struggling actor.

When he is not evangelizing litigation technology, Joe is an active member of several online communities. He cut his online teeth in the usenet newsgroup alt.society.generation-x and maintains many close friendships from that group to this day. He is currently active on metafilter, red cricket, and a number of collaborative weblogs.

Joe lives slightly northwest of Hollywood with his exotically beautiful wife Stacey.

If you like what you see here, you can email him at to let him know.


UTSLER.COM was built using Moveable Type. A web-based personal publishing system designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated news or journal sites, as well as silly little frivolous sites like this one. All Love to Ben and Mena Trott, for making such a cool tool.

The LINKY LOVE section is built dynamically, using Andy Baio‘s Backlink.CGI. Mad props to Andy, since he rewrote it to work with PHP just because I asked him to.

The overall design was created using Photoshop and Homesite, and the whole thing uses CSS and PHP scripting. It’s not a full-bore CSS site, because I don’t want it to look too terrible in browsers that don’t love CSS.

With very few exceptions, all photographs on this site were taken using an Olympus C2000-Z digital camera or a Nikon Coolpix 2500, and edited in Photoshop. Even though it is older, I still think the Olympus delivers the most consistently beautiful results. The Nikon is cool, sexy, fun, and fits in my pocket – so I use both.

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