While we feel that the

While we feel that the personal publishing world needs as many options as possible, both to meet the wide variety of personal publishing needs and to stimulate growth through competition, we can’t help being saddened by the growing animosity between two of the players. The battleground? The “Personal Site” category of the People’s Voice Webby Awards.
What’s that you say? “Personal Site” must be the wrong category? It should be under “Tools” or “Community” or better yet, “Personal Publishing” deserves it’s own category. You would think, but … no. Blogger is nominated (and LiveJournal is written in) for a PERSONAL site award. What’s up with that? More importantly, if we are going to have some sort of Weblog Armageddon, why are we fighting it on this particular front?
We know these questions (and others) were asked when the nominations first came out, but up until recently Ev has managed to stave off all mud wrasslin’ challenges from the good folks at LiveJournal. His recent decision to join the fray (don’t even get us started on the “should fray.com be nominated as a personal site” issue!)

has solidified our resolve to vote for Dancing Paul.
Actually, we think that Tiffany Schlain is such a freak, that we really aren’t planning to vote at all, but if we did vote we’d either vote for Dancing Paul or Ralph Nader. Neither of them has a shot at winning, but it makes us feel better right now. Of course we’d feel pretty lame if LiveJournal wins because we were going all ‘third party’ in the election, but how often does that happen?