“A rrrriot isss an

“A rrrriot isss an ugly thing. UND I think it is about time we had one.”

The truth is there was a bit of mob mentality going on in response to the Metafilter look-and-feel theft, but in our opinion it was less over the top than Jason’s reaction to it. We respect Jason, but he’s well known for his crankypantedness – especially where Metafilter is concerned. One reason may be that he really loves Metafilter, but doesn’t love the direction in which it is going. Fair enough, but it isn’t his site. Unfortunately, even if it were, community sites have a tendency to take on a life of their own. If Matt didn’t like the direction in which MeFi were going, he could try to redirect it, or he could just take it down (as Lance did with the Glassdog.CLUB). He really couldn’t just freeze it at a particular point in it’s development. We wish Jason could see that.