When Donald Sutherland dies

When Donald Sutherland dies he will no doubt spin retroactively in his grave as a result of being associated with Blog You!, the newly self-appointed Weblog Critic site by Tom Working and Ed Champion. We first heard about the site over the weekend, but decided to withold comment until it had a few more entries. Fortunately, the Blog You team seems to have nothing better to do, and have managed to fill it out quite nicely (they list 42 new reviews in the last 3 days). We were prepared to unload both barrels on them for being bitter and talentless, but enjoyed the self-loathing critiques of their own personal sites so much that we’ve changed our minds.
Yes, we disagree with most of their reviews.
Yes, their chief goal seems to be tearing down “A-List” sites.
Yes, it’s been done before.
Ultimately, though, we’re all about the love. We love the idea that this site will piss off webloggers and cause a new era of intra-blog strife, and through that, breathe new life into meta-blogging. Go Team!