We’ve been remiss. The Metafilter

We’ve been remiss. The Metafilter fallout from Jeffrey Z’s Best and Brightest article has been going on for two days, and we haven’t mentioned it. Sure, we’ve contributed, but we have left our faithful readers out in the cold. To make it up to you, we offer the following synopsis:

  • Jeffrey is a disturbingly nice guy.
  • Jeffrey spends much time as a crusader for browser standards.
  • Jeffrey takes a break from crusading to write a humor piece on a section of his website devoted to non-crusade related writing.
  • The humor piece is a sort of Internet Babies style piece involving tiny versions of well known web’sters discussing browser standards in their elementary school classroom.
  • SOME people don’t get the idea that it’s humor. They feel that it must be some sort of slam, but since they can’t actually figure out how they are being slammed, they complain that it’s obscure in addition to being mean .
  • Jeffrey is suprised that people are touchy and self involved.
  • Jello Wrasslin’ with JennyB
  • Comic references to buttsticks, cannibalism, and The Grapes of Wrath

There, you’re all caught up.