By now, I’m sure heard

By now, I’m sure heard about the troubles at Pyra, and you’ve figured out that’s what the previous post was about. Ev apparently wrote a very moving explaination about the whole thing, but he must have been deluged, because his site is now password protected [UPDATE: It’s now available.]. You can still get an insider perspective, however, by checking out Matt ‘s Behind The Website.
We thought Noah Grey summed up our feelings beautifully.

While a lot of people were talking about making the web a cooler place, the pyra folks actually *did* it. Heartfelt thanks to them, always.

They really did make the web a cooler place – not alone, certainly, but they had that little extra something that people really flocked to during this most recent personal publishing trend. All of the “Blogger Clones” and “Roll Your Own” content management systems that come after will owe them a debt of gratitude.
As far as we’re concerned, it’s not the business model or the scaleability or the bursting of the internet bubble – it’s the people. The Pyra crew represented optimism, idealism, and an honest love for the medium. Sure, we were too jaded to believe along with them, but as long as they were still going, we were able to get Hope as a contact high. We have no doubt that the Pyrates will land on their feet, but now we have to go hunting for new fresh faced innocents to live vicariously through. Any suggestions?
So now what?
There are still weblogs, there is still a Blogger, and if the $15,000 they raised is any indication there is still a weblogger community. As long as that’s true, M3tacubed will still be here, doing whatever it is that we do for whoever is still around to read it.