Blogger in the Barrel One

Blogger in the Barrel
One of the cheapest (and most effective) forms of driving traffic to a site is to write a piece slamming someone or something popular. Today was BloggerSlam links day over at Metafilter (
[ 1] [2]).
The first link is the standard complaint that Blogger gets an unfair amount of media attention. It’s notable in that it goes on to say that it’s a result of a Conde Nast conspiracy… GO PARANOID WINGNUT!
The second is another “if you make it too easy to publish, the web will be full of things that I think suck” screed. If Wired Magazine references weren’t so “twentieth century” we’d say that the rant was “Tired.” Of course, there are many people who would say that our constant need to point out these tired little rants was, in itself, tired – but they don’t read M3, so who cares what they think?