I know. I’ve been terrible

I know.
I’ve been terrible about writing lately.
Part of the problem is that I’m not using selfblog properly. I have been posting things over at Red Cricket, but I haven’t been linking to the posts from here. That’s just lazyness. The other part of the problem is that I’m just not having much time to spend playing, lately. I hardly write anything at all over on Metafilter these days, and even my weblog fun-poking has been slow of late. I could blame the lack of meta-topics that are currently going on, but I know that’s a cop-out. I just haven’t had the energy to seek ’em out. The one place I have spent time this week is my amazon.com wish list. I had pretty much forgotten I even set one up, but when I got an amazon.com gift certificate I decided to use it as a staging area for potential purchases. The first thing I realized was that of the four items on my wish list, three of them had been purchased for me as gifts by friends. (Well, friend. One of my friends has been very very generous.) Another friend told me that he had actually ‘hacked’ a bogus wish list entry in, just so he could get Amazon to send it to me. Anyway, I’ve been having a lot of fun window shopping, and I’m not done yet – so in case you were wondering, there are about 357 shopping days until my birthday. (Even less if you don’t want to pay for overnight shipping.)