The Blogger Liberation Army

The Blogger Liberation Army over at Virulent Memes outline their plan to overthrow the Weblog Bourgeois in missive one of Blogma2001 – A Manifesto For Better Weblogging.
We were all ready to link to the beginnings of a “B-List” discussion, but we love it when a subject escalates. The argument, once again, is that the undeserving are getting attention, while the heart and soul of bloggerdom languishes in obscurity. Since one of the tenets of Blogma2001 is if you do it well, people will notice, we can only assume, in the context of the manifesto, that it depends on what you mean by “it.” We are also a bit concerned that the Manifesto links directly to “Bourgeois Git” Number One. Could it be that the very people who are publishing the manifest are bourgeois weblog wannabes? Surely not!

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