Classic .sig quotes: “The question

Classic .sig quotes:
“The question being debated in the House isn’t impeachment, it’s whether Clinton should be beaten to death and the earth salted under his feet.”
    – Carl Beaudry
“Then again, who knows when irony will have finally blown
its wad. When this question came up a year ago I thought
that “irony” was in its death throes thanks to Alanis, but
I see that Marion Ross was guest starring on That 70s Show
tonight. Perhaps irony, like Presidential blow-job scandals,
is something that can exist only in a fat and prosperous
society, and we’re stuck with it till the next recession.
God help us all.”
    – David Mooney
“Maybe I just know too much to have a good sense of humor.”
    -Erich Schwartz
“(I)f the world ever ends, I want to be in Berlin
when it happens. That town knows apocalypse.”
    -ed poe

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