WWWWendell took the high road

WWWWendell took the high road by refusing to link the nega-blog (NEW BUZZWORD – spread the meme!) titled …and the ‘blog’ you rode in on. For better or worse, our goal at M3 has never been to take the high road. We’d say that atbyrio is average at best. Although we have certainly seen much more effective spleen venting, they do seem to be genuinely unlikeable – so there is still hope. We would, however, suggest that they remove the positive links to Bunderlife, Ethel the Blog, etc. We get the idea of having the skinny little "positive" section, but unless they are going to have wild raves about ridiculous sites, it just serves to water down their already bland rants. We’d also suggest a debugging session for their PHP scripts to get rid of all the error messages – it’ll make it easier if they ever want to slam someone’s less than mad tech skilz.
On a more personal note, M3 would like to welcome WWWWendell back from his posting hiatus. We were starting to get metabored.

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