Billy Sixkill discovered a new

Billy Sixkill discovered a new enjoyment of wind and sound and comfort this morning on his motorcycle, when he rode in jeans and no jacket. I wish that I could express the feeling of having an enjoyment of wind and sound and comfort and freedom, only to have it legislated away…
I realize this isn’t particularly <meta>, but sometimes I really miss what I had taken away.
NOTE: I didn’t mean to imply that billy was trying to force me to wear a helmet, or that he supports the legislation of helmet wearing. He has posted before about this topic, and while he has expressed that people should be able to make up their own minds, he has made no bones about the fact that those who make certain qualitative choices about their riding are idiots. I take no exception to the Idiot™ title, I was merely pointing out that there are certain sensory benefits you don’t get when you are playing "the boy in the kevlar bubble."

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