The fact that I’m linking

The fact that I’m linking him on a blog-blogger page will probably sicken Jason even more, but his complaint that there’s very little opportunity to discover something off of the beaten path is a valid one. I don’t think it’s necessarily that the format has run out of steam, or even that nobody is doing anything interesting with the tools – there are a lot of people out there reading each other every day, sometimes to the exclusion of reading other things, and they are affecting each others’ style. This would seem to be one of those ‘delicate balance’ things, where quality or variety drop to a point where bloggers stop reading as many blogs and start reading other things, thereby infusing the scene with new material which raises the quality/variety and makes other bloggers more likely to read blogs… It’s very ‘circle of life’ stuff. Our charter here at M3 prevents us from introducing new material to the Bloggerverse, but Jason is a regular bringer-inner of material – and we hope that his dissatisfaction with other blogs will translate into lots of fresh material to link and homogenize.

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