Sometimes you just want to

Sometimes you just want to run into the Pyra Labs and give random wedgies to the Pyrates. Not because they’re bad or anything, quite the opposite. Sometimes the fact that they just seem so nice just pisses you off. Well, maybe not YOU, but we think about it a lot. Because they are so nice, we were shocked to see someone call jack an ass. Unlike Jack, I won’t suggest the kind of radical circumcision that prompted the comment, but I will suggest that if you have a clique named after your weiner, you should probably lighten up.
[ CORRECTIONS: It has been brought to our attention that Penial Power is not a clique, it’s a webring. Further we have been informed that the owner of Penial Power is female, which would seem to indicat that it was actually not named after her weiner, but someone else’s. We apologize for the confusion. — m3 ]

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