Okay, you know how tedious

Okay, you know how tedious it is when people talk about other people talking about them? Well, I certainly won’t be doing that, but I will mention that Lance was in Denver this week where I am currently convalescing from a bad bad bad bad sunburn, and I didn’t get to buy him a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not only that, but he then went to LA – where I live but am currently not – and because of my total lack of thereness, I didn’t get to stand really close to him at WebLA and make him nervous the way that people do.
For those five of you out there that noticed the total lack of content here, I tried to get a really funny replacement… but I didn’t. It’s probably a good thing, because then I’d have too much to live up to. As it is, the only thing you’ll be able to compare my new stuff to is my old stuff – and while my new stuff might not be any better, it’ll be *newer* …

I seem to have developed the habit of writing long pointless posts while I’ve been on vacation… like this one.

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