META-SPANKED! WWWWendell noted that nobody

WWWWendell noted that nobody was talking about the NEW AND IMPROVED SUBHONKER FILTER, and Matt was suprised that nobody mentioned his Open Letter to Blogger (about creating a native comment system). All I can say is “mea culpa” – as has been noted numerous times, the Weblog Community™ has gotten quite large – and that means that I’m not able to read even my favorite weblogs every day. I’d like to take this opportunity to say “Hey, what about that New and Improved Subhonker Filter, eh?” and “Right on! We all figured the main reason Mr. got brought onto the Blogger Crew was so that he could work some of his MetaFilter Magic and develop an integrated comments system.”
And now, back to our meta-hyperbolic coverage of weblog infighting.

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